Manoj N Bisarahalli

Manoj N Bisarahalli

Software Engineer
GeekyAnts - Bangalore, India
Manoj N Bisarahalli is a top-notch developer & an enthusiastic learner. He excels at building mobile apps with Flutter and scalable mobile apps using Flutter, React-Native, GraphQL, Node, styled-components and everything else in between. When it comes to being a team player and discovering new things to learn and implement, Manoj has the motivation and ideas. He believes in the idea of "there is always more to learn and ideas are just the first step", forming ideas and learning everything that it takes to implement is a normalcy that he wants to achieve.




MySQL , PHP , Firebase , Kotlin , Dart , Java , Python , MongoDB , JavaScript , HTML / CSS


Flutter + Redux , React , Express.js , Bootstrap , React Native , Flutter


React Native , Eslint , Prettier , Social API , JQuery , Redux , Node.js , Vue-Native


IntelliJ , VS Code , Sublime Text , GitHub , GitLab , Git


  • Twitter bot
  • Flutter + Scoped model
  • Flutter + Redux
  • Flutter + GraphQL
  • Flutter + Firestore
  • Kotlin and KotlinNative
  • DialogFlow and actions on google
  • Python with hand sign classifiers
  • Vue-Native and React-Native

The most amazing...

... ... work I've completed so far is the documentation I wrote while working with people at Google (Flutter for React Native developers)

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