Kumar Pratik

Kumar Pratik

Founder & Director
GeekyAnts - (India & UK)

Startup bootstrap expert who builds the company from the ground up and takes it to the next level. With strong knowledge from the core of Computer Science to the most advanced technologies in the field, Pratik stands out as the head of the company with focus on Organisational and Operational processes of GeekyAnts.


The most amazing...

... thing I've created is multiuser SMS Portal, which sends nearly 2 millions SMS per day.



Laravel , HTML / CSS , MS SQL Server , MySQL , JavaScript , OracleDB , MongoDB


Express.js , AngularJS , Bootstrap 4 , Angular 2 , Swift




Git , GitLab , GitHub , JIRA , Trello


  • Project Organisation
  • Big Data
  • Dashboard Applications
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Data scraping & parsing
  • Facebook Apps
  • Cloud Based Application
  • Agile software development
  • Object-oriented design
  • Real-time systems


Facebook Application which reached more than 1 million active users per day
Cloud based server monitoring application and deployed it on more than 150 servers.


A Sketch-like design tool that can write React Native code for you. Build beautiful apps as easily as drag & drop. BuilderX is a desktop Mac app that will replace the traditional UX design tools. We created BuilderX to achieve our dream of bringing the Designer and the Developer to the same source file. Use this awesome tool to design without any boundaries and simultaneously generate beautiful, readable and editable code.
We at GeekyAnts are very excited to share one of our side projects which we have been working for a while, Vue Native! Though the sentiment in the JavaScript community about Vue has been mixed, we couldn’t stop ourselves to try Vue for native mobile app development.
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