Team Lead

GeekyAnts is looking for a team Lead to join our engineering team and take significant ownership in product building. If you are a leader who follows "Eat, Sleep & Breath code" then this is the job for you.

    Expectations :

  • Connect the dots between business goal and user goal in building a product as a service.
  • Build, manage and lead the engineering team in prototyping, design, development space. Lead and build application architecture, algorithms and data structures of the product.
  • Work on a wide range of problems related to systems, processes, and technologies and own it end-to-end.
  • Ability to collaborate with dynamic teams.
  • Develop seamless and single codebases for different mediums.
  • Convert ideas to prototypes by quickly assembling together different technologies and frameworks.
  • Strong working knowledge with third-party APIs.

    Skills & Languages required :

  • Experience in Git documentation & GitFlow.
  • Proficiency with at-least one build server: Circleci / Jenkins / Travis / Bamboo.
  • Understand Web and Mobile Ecosystem [Android, iOS, Windows].
  • Experience working with Core Javascript.
  • Experience in database architecture.
  • Hands on Experience with bug reporting tools such as Jira/Redmine/Bugzilla.

    Back end languages :

  • Node js (Express, Feathers, Sails) / PHP (Laravel)
  • Microservices Architecture

    Not Required...But they help :

  • Sense of humor. We work hard but it shouldn't feel that way.
  • Enjoys food and fun activity after work on a Friday

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