Varun Kumar Sahu

Varun Kumar Sahu

Founder & Tech Lead

GeekyAnts - Bangalore, India
Web Developer with expertise in backend and front-end programming using technologies like PHP (with Laravel), MySQL, AngularJS, Javascript and CSS for developing cross platform modern web application with experience in Wordpress plugin development.


PHP and MySQL - Laravel 4 & REST APIs


WordPress - Custom Plugin Development


JavaScript - jQuery, AngularJs & NodeJS


Version Control - Git, GitLab & GitHub


Tools - Grunt, Yeoman & bower


The Most Amazing...

... thing I've created is Easy.Reviews which improves the online reputation and allows customer to leave reviews for websites.

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Projects (Development)

Meowfoto is a web-based editor that can apply different types of filters to photos and is integrated with Facebook in order to allow the download of user photos. It also has a collage generator built in HTML5 using KnockoutJS.

Technologies used:

  • Custom MVC with PHP and MySQL
  • KnockoutJS for front-end collage module (with drag-n-drop)
  • Facebook SDK and Graph APIs
  • ImageMagick for image processing
  • Twitter Bootstrap for front-end design
  • Third party Shell scripts for image processing
  • Operating system: CentOS 6

Challenges that I faced and how I solved them:

  • Users needed to upload their final collage result to Facebook. The editor worked in HTML markup (using KnockoutJS), which was needed to be converted to image formats like JPEG or PNG. The front-end app exported the JSON data that was processed in the back-end to get the same result. PhantomJS was not an option as it was quite experimental at this time.
  • There were 500+ concurrent users and it was impossible to handle this amount of image processing on a single server. With the help of another system admin, I used the AWS Elastic server with a front load balancer and two clusters to carry out the image processing. (Development)
A website built with WordPress and WooCommerce. I worked with a team of 3 where my role was to architect and code few sections of the website. I hooked into the WooCommerce framework and added a pre-checkout page to list few questions. The answers were collected from the user and were then presented to the doctor's login account, which was then forwarded to the pharmacy account for actual shipping and post-processing.
Server Monitoring Application
Server Monitoring Sofware, it monitors over 150 servers and display their performance.
AvgoAdmin (Development)
Website that manages different client and auction for selling used truck and motor vehicles. Reporting, invoicing and accounting analysis.
One stop accounting solution

Interest & Expertise

  • Team Management
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Dashboard Applications
  • Facebook App Development
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Clean Code
  • MVC
  • Modular Development
  • AJAX
  • REST


Wordpress plugins developments using AngularJs.
Facebook application using Facebook Php SDK and Javascript.