Events and Conferences

We are known to host Tech Talks, Meetups and Hackathons. But our developers can also be found at various tech events all over the world! Here are a of the upcoming events that we are hosting. Also check-out the most recent events attended by us.

our global reach

React Meetup 2019
Bangalore, Jan 26 th 2019
Our team members (Digvijay Wanchoo, Sanket Sahu, Krutarth Dave, Vaishali Anand, Sumant and Shubham Kumar) were organised a meetup on React Native & Flutter
Web Summit
Lisban, Nov 6-9th 2016
Our team members (Kumar Pratik, Atul Ranjan and Megha Kumari) were at Web Summit 2016, representing GeekyAnts as an alpha startup at the event for the first time.
React Amsterdam, 2017
Amsterdam, Apr 21th 2017
A full-day, two-track conference on all things React, attended by our team members Sanket Sahu and Saurabh Sahu where Sanket was one of the panelists.
Chain React 2017
Portland, July 10-11th 2017
Our team members ( Sanket Sahu and Atul Ranjan ) was in the States to take part in Chain React 2017 conference organised by Infinite Red in Portland, Oregon.
React Native Europe
Wroclaw, Poland, Sep 6-7th 2017
Sanket and Varun represented GeekyAnts with Sanket talking of our project BuilderX on stage. We launched BuilderX in this event.
ReactFoo 2017
Bangalore, Sep 14th 2017
Gaurav, Shruti, Jasbir, Shweta represented GeekyAnts’ React Native projects at ReactFoo - a conference on React and React Native.
Google Agency Day, 2017
London, Oct 20th 2017
Pramada, Aswathy and Madhu represented GeekyAnts and discussed our projects on at Google Agency Days.
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