Our developers love to tinker around with different technologies, be it React Native, Google Flutter or IoT. It doesn’t have to be related to their work, just experiment with anything that catches your fancy. We provide complete support. Here's more about GeekyAnts and how we will create some really awesome products for you.

Hikvision Raspberry Pi as Viewer

By - kumar pratik
Kumar Pratik used Raspberry Pi 3 to create an additional viewer that we needed at our reception desk. His method for creating an extended Hikvision Viewer over the IP network is way simpler than anything that’s available on the Web.

Rockstar Remote Controlled Car

An Awesome Internet Controlled Car created by our developer Nikhith N. Nikhith also built a companion React Native app. The app communicates with the Amazon Web Services with in turn sends commands to the car. This car can be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.

Twitter Clone App using React Native

Praneet Rohida built this awesome Twitter Clone app during his initial days of learning about React Native. It is a simple yet innovative piece of work that mimics the working of the Twitter app, built with some beautiful UI components taken from our NativeBase library and with the support from Redux for state management. Praneet has used FakerJS to create dummy data that occupies this app.

HelixScrollView for React Native

A unique React Native scroll component created by Jasbir Shergill. Absolutely reuseable! HelixScrollView is a simple cross-platform scroll component. List items translate on a Helical path with butter smooth transitions.

Zombie Roller

Shubham Singh has created this simple game on Unity 3D. This game is a simple roller game where you have to balance the object on the target for as long as you can.

Flat App in Flutter

Rishab Jain has been experimenting with Flutter and in process has successfully rebuilt our React Native starter kit called Flat App using Flutter. This version of the Flat App is faster, smoother and just way better.

TypeScript In CRNA

Ankur Kedia has managed to figure out a way to provide TypeScript support to CRNA. His method is easier to achieve than any other ways out there.

ParallexSwiper in React Native

Sankhadeep Roy built this amazing card animation called ParallexSwiper. ParallexSwiper provides us with awesome swiping animation.

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