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We are a team of avid React app developers who have collaborated with partners globally to create 100+ applications. As a leading React Development Services Company, we have comprehensively researched and developed innovative React solutions that have been received positively by our clients as well as the React dev community.

What is React?

React or ReactJS is an open-source UI library based on JavaScript, used to build interactive end-user experience for websites and web applications. It offers good developer experience by allowing them to use JSX or JavaScript eXtension when building different UI components. By using virtual DOM that makes the applications run faster, React also enables high performance.

React will be used to build the following

Custom Development
Maintenance & Upgrades
QA Solutions
Web Application
App Migration

Hire expert React developers from GeekyAnts for building

Web Apps
Custom Development
App Migrations
Maintenance & Upgrades
QA Solutions

Why choose React as your Front-end stack

React is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications. It allows React developers to utilize individual parts of an application both on client-side and server-side. It hence makes the development process faster. Reusable components, flexible modular structure, high performance, and ease of learning the fundamentals for developers are just to name a few of React’s advantages.

With a 16+ years of experience creating dynamic and interactive web apps, we have emerged as a leading React App Development Company in USA and India. Providing quality React app development services that help transform how customers interact with organizations is at the core of our business values.
For Frontend Store/State Management in React application, we at GeekyAnts prefer
A Functional Programming approach to store management. Data revolves around a unidirectional flow, making the logic of the app predictable and easier to understand.
Object Oriented Programming approach to store management which follows an Observer-Observable pattern, making it easier to understand and design the store.
React Hooks
Functions introduced by React itself that let us “hook into” React state and lifecycle features from function components.
JavaScript/TypeScript implementation of the finite state machine and statecharts.
A small, fast and scalable bearbones state-management solution using simplified flux principles.
UI Libraries that make your apps look and feel amazing
React Bootstrap
Provides React components built with the world’s most popular CSS framework, Bootstrap.
Ant Design
An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library with a set of high-quality React components, one of best React UI library for enterprises
Material UI
MUI (previously Material-UI) is based on Google’s Material Design. It provides React components built with Material Design.
Chakra UI
Chakra UI gives the modular, accessible and straightforward user interface components that you will need for building apps.
An accessible, utility-first component library for building consistent UI across Android, iOS and Web.
Build/development tools to make it all come together smoothly:
A strict syntactical superset of JavaScript that adds optional static typing to the language.
Static code analysis tool for identifying problematic patterns found in the code.
An opinionated code formatter that enforces a consistent style throughout the codebase.
Module bundling Packager for development builds.
Compiler for transpiling ECMAScript and JSX code into browser-executable code.
Create React App
CLI from facebook to create a new React app.
React Developer tool
Chrome DevTools extension for React applications, which allows inspecting component hierarchies.
An open source tool for building UI components and pages in isolation.
React Extension Pack (for VS Studio)
Combination of extensions to make React development easier and fun.
Analytics to observe how we can contribute to your success:
An easy to implement analytics library to track user interactions with mobile applications.
Google Analytics
A simple, easy to use analytics tool to track website performance and collect visitor insights.
Give your teams self-service product data to understand your users, drive conversions, and increase engagement, growth and revenue.
Customer retention platform that acts as an infrastructure to collect, clean, and control customer data.
Adobe Analytics
This powerful multichannel analytics tool is a traffic analytics and multichannel data collection tool from Adobe.
Crash Reporting, because everything needs to be in working order:
Enables automatic reporting of errors and exceptions, and identifies performance issues in your application
A bug monitoring & CR tool that lets you prioritize breaking bugs.
Firebase Crashlytics
A lightweight, realtime crash reporter by Firebase that helps you track, prioritize, and fix stability issues that erode your app quality.
An easy to implement error tracking library that empowers us to monitor, prioritize and debug performance issues.
CI / CD Deployment Tools for the finished products to see the light of day:
Travis CI
Hosted continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub
Free and open source automation server that helps to automate the non-human part of the software development process
Circle CI
Continuous Integration and Delivery platform for Linux, macOS
Github Actions
Automate, customize, and execute your software development workflows right in your repository
Gitlab CI
Continuous integration service provided by Gitlab for the repository.
Manual Testing
We keep a document specific to the project to cover all the testing scenarios and we have a QA dedicated to the project who tests the application in all test scenarios.
Automation Testing
Unit testing: Jest, React Testing Library End-to-End: Cypress, Puppeteer


Being a leading React Development Company, we have been providing our clients in every industry with revolutionary web apps. The ease of use, flexibility, scalability, high performance, and reliability makes React one of the most preferred libraries for developing web app UI.


We love talking all things tech and here is the footage of some of our meet-ups where we've come together with the community for a passionate discourse on the topic:
Revisiting Concurrent Mode in React
Revisiting Concurrent Mode in React
React & D3 Together
React & D3 Together
Introduction To React Hooks
Introduction To React Hooks

Developer Stories

Our developers are ardent admirers of Hire having worked with it since its inception. Here is what some of them have to say about the subject:
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