Rishabh Pandey

Rishabh Pandey

Senior Software Engineer
GeekyAnts - Bangalore, India
Hey ! I am Rishabh Pandey, a person who is passionate about technologies, coding, taking up challenges and much more. I have keen interest in Software and web development along with interest in various technical activities. Qualities: Strong of mind, free, organizing skilled, self initiator, motivated, inventive, persuading charming and shrewd in business. I am talkative and cheerful, adapt very well to situations ,excessive and enthusiastic.




JavaScript , MySQL , MongoDB


React Native , Express.js , FeathersJs


Node.js , React.js


Git , JIRA , Trello , Bower


  • Playing Lan gaming usually Counter Strike
  • Working with new things & technology
  • exploring web IOT's & Electronics Circuits
  • Hacking
  • Archaeology
  • Space Science
  • Web
  • mobile & robot development
  • Travelling
  • Photography


UtooChat is a tool for website owners that allows them to add an online chat support system to their websites. Users can sign up and copy code snippets onto their websites to install the service. I worked as a system architect and full stack developer in a team of 4 people. We im...
An open source module developed in AngularJS to ease the development process for a file upload component in the front-end. I co-developed it with my teammate and this project grew rapidly with 31 stars and 16 forks.

Meowfoto is a web-based editor that can apply different types of filters to photos and is integrated with Facebook in order to allow the download of user photos. It also has a collage generator built in HTML5 using KnockoutJS.

Technologies used:

Server Monitoring Sofware, it monitors over 150 servers and display their performance.
A marketplace for Bootstrap themes
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